June 3, 2023

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Picture: Raja al-Jettawi's daughter is wearing the same dress as her mother..so she commented

Picture: Raja al-Jettawi’s daughter is wearing the same dress as her mother..so she commented

Amira Mokhtar, the daughter of the late artist Raja al-Jettawi, revived the memory of her late mother by wearing the same royal attire in her art form before she died.

Amira Mokhtar appeared in her mother’s costume, artist Raja al-Jettavi, through Raja’s account on Instagram, which is managed by her daughter Amira, which sparked a nostalgic feeling among the audience and the artists. Seeing what King al-Jettawi’s daughter had done, he called for mercy for her.

The photo posted on Amira Raja’s account on “Instagram” showed Al-Jettavi wearing a dark green dress, which was taken at the Entertainment Producers Awards organized by “General Entertainment” and was distinguished by lace-up shirts. Power ”in Saudi Arabia, with the announcement of the party program” Riyadh Season “2019.

While many stars commented on the image of Amira Mokhtar and the late King Al-Jettavi, the most important comments came from artist Fifi Abdo, May Kasab, Ayden Amar, Dora, Engi Ali and Rania Mahmoud Yassin.

On the anniversary of the death of her first mother, Amira Mukhtar expressed her joy at the love that came to her from all over the house after her mother’s death. The legacy left by King al-Jettawi. She added, “He is a great artist, his love for the people, his open heart to all and the tolerance he lived with us after he left.” She was inclusive and managed the feelings of those around her, with whom she had a strong connection.