April 1, 2023

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Possible conflict .. European companies accuse FIFA of misusing its corporate work

European clubs have accused FIFA of abusing its regulatory role in a dispute over extending the period for players to join their national teams in September and October.

The English Premier League and La Liga have said they support clubs that refuse to let go of their players to their South American teams.

English Premier League clubs will be severely affected by FIFA’s decision to extend the period from nine to 11 days for international players to play in three matches in the South American qualifiers for the World Cup.

England’s strict isolation rules added to the problem, and the government said it would not grant exemptions to Premier League footballers.

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The Liverpool club have already refused to allow their player Mohamed Salah to take part in next month’s World Cup qualifier against the Egyptian national team, as he will have to be isolated after his return to England.

As Brazil prepares to face Chile, Argentina and Peru next month, the same actions will affect the Liverpool trio, Roberto Firmino, Alison Becker and Fabinho.

The British government put Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru on the “red list”, forcing returnees from those countries to be isolated for ten days in a hotel.

The Premier League said in a statement: “Premier League clubs should not unanimously allow their players to play for their national teams in the countries listed on the red list next month.”

The players’ journey will be to miss two league matches once they return to England.

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The Spanish league has confirmed in a statement that its clubs have refused to allow players to play in qualifying matches for South American teams.

With World Cup qualifiers taking place in Africa, Asia, North and Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF), Europe and South America, clubs are close to clashing with FIFA.

The European Clubs Association sent a document to its members in the form of questions and answers published by the Times newspaper that FIFA had taken a unilateral decision and “received clear objections from the European Club Association and other parties concerned.”

The document states: “The ECA expresses its strong opposition to FIFA’s decision and urges it to reconsider its position. . “

The European Clubs Association said at the request of the South American Football Association that FIFA had decided this month to extend the deadline for players to “completely ignore clubs’ interests” and join national teams.

He said FIFA was unlikely to change its decision and that the association should consider what action it would take.

There was no immediate comment from FIFA on the matter.

Source: “Reuters”