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Powerful Realme 8s 5G Phone Price and Amazing Price Realme 8s 5G


Searches started a few days ago about the price and specifications of the phone Realmy 8S5G It spread in the Arab markets some time ago, and the extraordinary specs desired by many and its price are well seen in comparison with the specifications taken by some devices, for which in this report of yours we show you the prices circulating in the market for a phone as all the details of the telephone specifications are set by the stars base Rally 8s 5g.

Realme 8s 5G Phone Specifications

Monitor 6.5 inches.
Battery 5000 M.A.
Healer MediaTek Dimension 810.
OS Android 11
Photo tool 64 – 8 – 2 mega pixel.
Powerful Realme 8s 5G Phone Price and Amazing Price Realme 8s 5G
Realme 8s 5g

The company that designed the smartphone clarified Realmy 8S5G It has an IPS LCD screen of 1600 * 720 pixels and HD + quality, and supports a fast fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the phone screen.

Smartphone features Realmy 8S5G With a capacity of 33 watts fast charging and 5000 mAh battery, the phone is available in 3 different colors starting from black, blue and violet.

Includes Realme 8s 5G phone It has up to 256GB of internal memory, with the possibility of adding external memory, while you can see that the phone has 8GB of random memory, and it includes an octa-core processor that supports fifth-generation networks with a mail-G52 Mc2 graphics processor.

Powerful Realme 8s 5G Phone Price and Amazing Price Realme 8s 5G
Realme 8s 5G phone

Phone specifications include portability Rally 8s 5g In addition to the Type C charging port to support 5G networks, its fifth version 5.1 includes WiFi and Bluetooth.

This phone has three rear cameras that support 4K video shooting. The main rear camera has a resolution of 64 megapixels, the second camera is 8 megapixels and the third camera is 2 megapixels. As for the front camera, it comes with 16 megapixels support for shooting 1080p videos.

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Realme 8s 5G Price

The global price of the phone came to 265 euros. As for the price of the phone in Egypt, it is about 4950 Egyptian pounds. As for the contents of the phone box, it came with a small manual, charger head and charger wire and phone. There are no earphones or bags in the box, and we remind lovers of the new smartphones.Nokia x70 Pro 5G(More efficient telephone)Redmi 10 Prime)

Powerful Realme 8s 5G Phone Price and Amazing Price Realme 8s 5G

Realme 8s 5G Features

  • The battery is large and will last with you until the end of the day without charging.
  • There is a fast charging facility.
  • High quality rear cameras.
  • Large internal memory.
  • Android 11 operating system.
Powerful Realme 8s 5G Phone Price and Amazing Price Realme 8s 5G
Realme 8s 5g

We have come with you to clarify the details of the phone Realmy 8S5G powerful.

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