February 6, 2023

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Victoria Beckham

Practical designs with Victoria Beckham’s Sporty Touch for the 2022 winter

Victoria Beckham relies on practical designs, with a contemporary twist, often reflecting the style of Victoria Beckham, which is the style that many women prefer.

In her Winter 2022 collection, Victoria Beckham focused on the delicate make-up she adopted through makeup from her brand Victoria Beckham Beauty, believing in the elegant street fashion idea in a contemporary style befitting fashion. Expert Niamh Quinn. Long coats and pullovers inspired by the 90s.

In the group, we saw the unique combination of blazer dresses and long coats with waist belts, designs reminiscent of Victoria Beckham’s glamorous period in the nineties, as well as the adoption of long fur pullovers with midi skirts and stunning combinations. Between colors, it focuses on youthful color shades like green and light brown.

Dresses with feminine cuts

Long dresses and midi with feminine cuts were always the favorite pieces when she was in her closet and became a trend this season, and Victoria Beckham focused on her collection, namely the green frilled dress, brown with flowing pleats, and youthful integration. With colorful socks.

Practical touch

For a more practical touch, Victoria Beckham relied on designs inspired by the style of tracksuits, but the most elegant cut, suitable for everyday looks of women, she adopted with long dresses such as black dress with sports engineering. Graphics.

Dresses with shiny touches

To complete the unique atmosphere of the nineties, Victoria Beckham relied on the designs of midi models with a glossy touch, and we were inspired to choose colors like the most popular burgundy red dress of the nineties. Light blue and glossy silver.

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