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President of Botswana: The gateway to trade promotion in the United Arab Emirates


Expo 2020 Dubai: Gulf
Dr. President of the Republic of Botswana. Mogwetzi Messi addressed the “Botswana Investment and Trade Conference” to a large number of public and private sector investors and key executives from the Botswana Republic and the United Arab Emirates. Dubai Financial Center.

The conference was attended by Foreign Trade Minister Dr. Thani Al-Judi, Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry of the Republic of Botswana Musi Kjavela, Minister of Finance and Economic Development Becky Serum, and Chief Executive Officer Kilitsochitsi Olipel. Botswana Center for Investment and Trade, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Botswana Dr. Cruz Xosital, general manager of Tochokoko Gjonetsano and Botswana Development Corporation; Stephen Bokatsu, CEO of Botswana’s first national bank;

Dr. “I was amazed by the success of Expo 2020 Dubai, which has created a great place for investors in Botswana to explore and exploit, and for investor companies’ growth and prosperity,” he said. We rely entirely on the rule of law of the country to ensure the prosperity of the economy, as representatives of our ministries and institutions are here to find new ways for our economies to interact with investors. Regional and international agreements, and our country enjoys political stability, we are friends with many countries and have no enemies, which provides a better environment for foreign investors. Therefore, I invite all investors to come and visit Botswana.

According to the Botswana Center for Investment and Trade, the South African country offers public and sectoral investment incentives, no foreign exchange restrictions, and the US-Africa Growth and Opportunity Act provides new opportunities to access US markets, free of charge and quotas. , And the corporate tax rate for manufacturing companies and IFS core companies is only 15%, and entry into EU markets is tax-free and without quotas.

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Welcoming the President of Botswana, Dr. Thani Al-Siodi said, “The United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Botswana are linked by long-standing friendship and partnership, which is strengthened by deep trade and investment relations. By 2021, the total value of non-oil trade between our two countries will be $ 2.5 billion. Represents 85% growth compared to 2020 and 80% growth compared to 2019. The Republic of Botswana holds a strategic position, the heart of South Africa, and today is a global competitive tourist destination characterized by its rich natural resources and investment potential. How it helped to accelerate the movement of goods in the country and to exchange ideas and wealth.

The panel discussion focused on the development that includes new innovations in the Botswana economy. It was managed by Finance Minister Becky Serum. The Deputy Governor of the Bank of Botswana, the General Manager of the Botswana Development Corporation and the CEO of the first National Bank of Botswana spoke.

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