February 7, 2023

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"Production" talks between China and the US in Luxembourg after several days of intense exchanges

“Production” talks between China and the US in Luxembourg after several days of intense exchanges

Beijing – AFP
Beijing and Washington announced on Monday that there had been “open and fruitful” talks between senior defense and diplomatic advisers to China and the United States, especially after a few days of sharp exchanges, especially over Taiwan.
The tone of the rhetoric abruptly eased during a meeting in Luxembourg compared to last week, when Chinese Defense Minister warned that Taiwan would not hesitate to wage a war to prevent independence, while his US envoy criticized Beijing’s “provocative and destructive military actions.”
After their meeting on Monday, US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan and Yang Jiechi, director of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s office, did not announce a solution to key points, especially on Taiwan, which China considers an inseparable part of its territory. And intends to forcibly recover one day if necessary.
Xinhua News Agency quoted Yang as saying: The Taiwan issue is affecting the political pillar of Sino-US relations and, if not properly addressed, could be detrimental. He called on the United States to avoid “bad judgments” and “illusions” in this matter.
“Sullivan reiterated our long-standing position on a united China and our position and concerns about Beijing’s aggression and coercive behavior across the Taiwan Strait,” the White House said in a statement.
In recent months, tensions over Taiwan have escalated as Chinese military planes have infiltrated the island’s sign-in zone for air defense intensification. The US president recently questioned this delicate diplomatic balance, insisting that the United States would militarily defend the island if Beijing invaded.
Sullivan reiterated the policy of “strategic ambiguity” pursued by the United States for decades, according to which it recognizes China diplomatically but at the same time militarily supports Taiwan. A senior White House official told reporters that Sullivan’s meeting with Yang in Luxembourg lasted four and a half hours and was followed by a phone call between them on May 18.
Relations between Beijing and Washington have deteriorated in recent years, and the two powers face each other in areas such as international trade, human rights and, most recently, the war in Ukraine. In a White House statement, Sullivan stressed the importance of “maintaining a transparent, objective and effective discussion of a number of regional and global security issues and key issues in US-China relations. Open lines of communication to manage the competition between our two countries.”
For its part, the New China News Agency also described the meeting as “transparent, profound and constructive.” Yang agreed to continue the conversation, but made it clear that Beijing would not change its red lines.
“For some time now, the US has been pushing for more comprehensive control and expulsion of China,” he said, citing the Chinese agency as “refusing to define bilateral relations with rival China.”
According to the Chinese News Agency, Yang “also presented China’s official position on issues related to Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Tibet and the South China Sea and human rights and religion.” In these matters, China reiterates that it will not allow itself to interfere in its internal affairs.
The United States and its Western allies continue to warn Beijing about its claims in the South China Sea, where China disputes sovereignty over parts of the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam.
Sino-US relations entered a dangerous phase under former President Donald Trump, who provoked a trade war in response to what he described as China’s arbitrary trade practices. Biden says he is considering raising some fees in an effort to curb high inflation at home.

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