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Psychiatric Counselor for “Integration Salon”: One of the causes of domestic violence is early marriage


By Mohammed El-Sayed El-Shazli

Saturday, June 24, 2023 12:22 AM

Psychiatry consultant Dr. Muhammad Hani said that the state is about making a man and building a family, and because there are some mothers who nurture selfishness in their children, they get used to it when they grow up and start a family. Discrimination for male children, wrong upbringing etc. to be single-minded. Failure to teach social responsibilities to girls causes mismatch of knowledge between husbands and leads to domestic violence..

This happened when he was participating in a national dialogue on issues of social axis on “Domestic Violence… Causes and Ways of Conflict” at the Coordination Center of Youth Parties and Politicians..

He added that one of the causes of domestic violence is the interference of parents in the success of children, and parents should be the balance of justice, which is a very important reason, because the addict is not responsible for his actions. .

Hani stressed that parents should raise children as equals, wives should respect their straight husbands, husbands should respect their wives, and Egyptian citizens should be vaccinated against psychological problems. More dangerous than organic disease, the mental patient engages in behaviors that harm everyone, while organic disease damages only the owner.

In order to protect the future generations and prevent the Egyptian citizen from mental illness, he called for the announcement of psychological sessions from the service ministries in Egypt, and for conducting psychological seminars for the youth from the first grade of secondary school through the Ministry of Education. .

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Conversation flowed during the reception; Member of Coordination of Youth Parties and Politicians, Mustafa Karim, who attended the first session of the reception; Journalist Ahmad Naji Kamha, Editor-in-Chief of International Policy Journal, Dr. Muhammad Hani, Mental Health Counselor, Abeer Al-Erian, Member of the Coordination of Youth Parties and Politicians.

It is noteworthy that the coordination of youth parties and politicians announced the launch of live broadcast and discussion stations on the official page of the coordination on the results and outputs of the national dialogue sessions. .

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