June 7, 2023

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Photography and drumming ... what is their relationship to mental health?

Photography and drumming … what is their relationship to mental health?

Photography and drumming … what is their relationship to mental health?

In the second episode of the Art for Life project, we meet three professional photographers who have just begun to photograph their lives spontaneously, only to discover that it helps them deal with their psychological distress.

We first get to know Samar Husband from Bethlehem, who says that photography helps him create an imaginary world that frees himself from the bitterness of reality.

We are talking to Talia al-Khamisi in Beirut, who documented different stages of her mother’s disease development, which will probably help her accept reality.

According to Inas Sistani in Bahrain, his images are a cry in the face of those who ignore the severity of mental illness.

“Sharmovers” is an Egyptian singing group that has been around for ten years and made its name with funny or emotional songs.

Ahmed Baha, the band’s leading singer, is also a master of percussion.

He founded the program “Circle of Drums”, in which he leads a large number of people to follow him on group drum sessions.

Ahmed says the rhythm of the drums relieves stress, helps to get rid of negative emotions and contributes to recovery processes.

In the middle of a large crowd in the desert outside of Cairo we went to Ahmed Baha for a drumming session with cancer patients and another group.

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