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Pure fun at 24: Fashion trendsetters are dangerous for women’s health for these reasons


Obsession with women with anorexia nervosa (obvious)

Thursday 11 May 2023 / 16:32

Teenagers rush after fashion pioneers and models, and their healthy and eating habits, regardless of their health, have created unhealthy health habits among some women, if they are influenced.

One of the most widespread nutritional deficiencies affected by the best standards of beauty is called “anorexia nervosa” or “anorexia nervosa”, which is characterized by abnormal weight loss, and the nutritionist believes that most of his cases are affected. By celebrities, and they are pre-nutrition psychological disorders.
Jordanian Nassif said, “Following celebrities and blindly imitating them has led to a decline in knowledge about true self-worth, and one of these consequences is anorexia disorder, which presents the ideal image of very thin models as ideal profiles.”
According to the disorder, “Many women suffer from thinness as a standard of beauty, which causes them to have a strong fear of gaining weight, so their diet is based on determining food intake according to strict tables and numbers.

“Some cases reach extreme levels of the disorder, so that they take stomach softeners to clear food, or vomit after eating. This can lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals and the need for medical intervention or heart valve problems. Lack of calcium can cause pain and general fatigue or menstruation in women. decrease,” Najif points out.

In this type of disease, the culmination of self-esteem issues, as it culminates in an “obsession with thinness in an abnormal way,” becomes a source of hope in getting the lowest number on the scale for the patient. In some cases, the body is depleted of vitamins and minerals until the patient enters the hospital and receives treatment.
Nassif says, “Treatment for the disorder begins with a person’s psychological break, and subjects him to exercises that increase self-confidence and self-love.”
It considers that “adolescents are the most vulnerable category of the disease”, when individuals are exposed to it from puberty, and their body structure is affected because it is in the process of development.
Many American actresses had many experiences with nutritional deficiencies, the most prominent of which was “anorexia”, which affected “American singer Diana Ross and actress Lucy Hale”.

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