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Qadir al-Sabti responds to critics of his role in the "Guinea" series

Qadir al-Sabti responds to critics of his role in the “Guinea” series

Release Date:
November 30, 2021 13:25 GMT

Updated: November 30, 2021 14:10 GMT

Kuwaiti actress Qadir al-Sabti has responded to criticism from her followers about her role as “Amma Chitra” in the “Jina” series currently being staged on “Shahid”.

Al-Sabti explained in a video clip aired on his account on “Snapshot” that there were critics of his voice and his character in the series “The Fairy” and that “this is normal, because he deliberately changed his voice”. According to the nature of the work, it is unfamiliar to the viewer, but he gets used to it over time, ”he said.

The Kuwaiti artist, who condemned the criticism of one of her followers, commented that she “could not do the role properly”, insisting that the different acting and voice of the character she played came from living in two conflicting worlds, given that she was not psychologically balanced. “

He added, “He did not know himself well when following his character at work, but a friend advised him to look at his character in this series as an outsider and a complete spectator. New perspective.”

Qadir al-Sabti stressed the need to focus on understanding the dimensions of his character in the story of the series.

The Kuwaiti artist praised the team of “MBC” channels and their staff, saying, “His idea is new and unusual for the Gulf theater scene.”

He confirmed that writer Ali al-Dohan handled the personalities of his work with high professionalism, and presented each character in an innovative, unique, new and unique way, thanking him.

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Also the series “The Fairy” is a comedy-suspense and horror drama currently on the “Shahid VIP” site, starring Qadir al-Sabti, Layali Trop, Fatima al-Hosani and many more.

This work traces the life of a young woman who is the primary of life, whom her family calls the “angel”, and she quickly discovers that she has supernatural powers that not everyone has.

Artist Qadir al-Sabti has previously revealed part of his character, “The senior character of a dominant woman, Chitra, is a person who plays with magic, so what do you expect from her?” .

The work has been a huge success since its first episode aired in recent weeks, and tops the list of most viewed works.