December 9, 2022

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Queen Youssef puts her name on the Joker song: Anyone who doesn’t know wants to be famous by putting my name | News

Artist Rania Youssef has expressed her dissatisfaction with the rapper’s name being included in the song “The Joker”, “The Third Is Possible”.

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“I have pictures, everything is not empty for these needs, I do not know anything about them,” she said in a phone call from MBC Egypt’s program “Kalam Al Nass”.

And she continued, “Someone wants to be famous, any unknown person adds my name to anything in order to be famous, and someone will leave his life and never return to unknown people who want to be famous.”

And when he said, “When I do not understand, I mean, what’s a trend? I do not want to be separated. ”

Rania Yousaf is waiting for the presentation of “The Mamluks” series with the star cast including Tarek Lotfi, Amr Hassan Youssef and many more.

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