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Rabtan Academy is organizing a conference on “Operations and Operational Coordination and Compatibility” to improve the country's core firefighting system.


The conference aims to launch the first Collaborative Center on Major Fires in 12 specialized centers within an integrated national program under the supervision of the Rabtan Academy.

The event will include a number of special working papers, discussion sessions, workshops and demonstrations on fighting large fires.

Dozens of experts, practitioners, specialists and researchers from various stakeholders of the country participated in the conference.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Rabtan Academy, a global leader in the fields of safety, security, security, emergency preparedness and crisis management, organized a conference on “Operational Integration and Compatibility in Fire Management” in the presence of experts, practitioners, experts and researchers from various stakeholders. With a view to strengthening the coordinated national response to major fire incidents.

The event comes under the auspices of several national agencies directly concerned with firefighting, including the Ministry of Interior, the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority and the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority. Employees of various specialized institutions of the country.

The objective of the conference is to launch the first specialized center for joint training on major fires and covering topics related to emergencies and crises, among 12 specialized centers in a coordinated national program under the supervision of Rabtan Academy. Organized over two consecutive days, the conference included several working papers, dialogue sessions, workshops and keynote presentations.

In the first keynote address of the conference, he asserted: His Excellency Major General Mike Simon Hindmarsh, Commander of the Presidential Guard and Chairman of the Rabdan Academy Board of TrusteesHowever, this conference comes in response to the aspirations of the wise leadership of the UAE, to unite the efforts of government institutions with a common orientation to achieve centers of excellence in relevant fields, in which Rabdan Academy appreciates the role. It has become a global model for joint training centers of excellence that bring together multiple disciplines including security, defense, defense, emergency preparedness and crisis management.

he added Hindmarsh The establishment of Rabtan Academy came under the framework of three important axes. The first axis deals with the educational aspect through the undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the academy. The second axis deals with vocational education and training, which the academy does through training and coaching. Professional development programs, the third axis, relate to what the Academy is doing today at this conference, which is bringing together the efforts of national institutions with a common orientation under one umbrella to create world-class centers.

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For his part, he revealed The Honorable James Morse, Head of Rabton AcademyHe expressed his gratitude and thanks to all parties participating in this conference, hoping that this important event will advance the development of the fire management industry using Rabtan Academy's role as an education and training provider in the UAE. A way to promote excellence and continuous improvement of national capabilities in the field of fire management.

Drawing on his two decades of experience in the world's most advanced firefighting systems, he delivered the second keynote address. Dr. Dennis O'Neill, former deputy fire chief of the United States Fire AdministrationHe highlighted the importance of operational coordination and interoperability in responding to emergencies and disasters.. Participants learned about some of the challenges of collective response to unexpected emergencies, and he presented Dr. Onenal His personal experience at the World Trade Center in the weeks following the September 11 attacks on the United States.

she said Dr. Mona Abdullah Belfaqih, Director, Department of Vocational Affairs, Rabtan Academy“Today, we are turning the UAE's ambitions and aspirations for development and progress into plans and strategies to deal with major fires and emergency response, in light of the enormous challenges the world has witnessed and the unprecedented acceleration of climate change,” she added. Belfakih The conference is in line with the UAE Century 2071 and looks to the future with a long-term vision of adopting best practices and practices.

On the first day of the conference, the General Command for Civil Defense presented the first working paper entitled “Process to ensure the safety of life and property”, presented by His Excellency Brigadier General Mohammed Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Colonel Adel Ali Al Samri. , and Captain Engineer Yusuf Abdullah Al Saadi. It focused on strategic objectives, initiatives and initiatives that contribute to keeping the UAE a leading country in protecting the safety of lives and property. Roadmap for fire management, as well as professional development. For Officers of Civil Defense Academy.

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The second working paper was titled “Civil Defense Preparedness – Dubai” presented by Major Dr. Isa Ahmad Al Mudawa of Dubai Civil Defense Department, where he highlighted the preparedness of the civil defense system in Dubai and its world class. Abilities to keep pace with the latest global technologies, experiences and practices, utilizing artificial intelligence techniques and relying on a participatory and integrated working method with multiple relevant national organizations.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Commission submitted a third working paper titled “Psychological and Social Response to Mass Casualty Incidents” which was presented by Major Engineer Ali Hassan Al Madbai. Al Madbai, Incident management is, by its very nature, a multifaceted challenge that goes beyond the tactical control of threats. It involves interactions between different organizations, each with unique expertise, resources and responsibilities. However, amidst the coordination of logistical and operational aspects, the psychosocial sector often stands as the silent coordinator of social recovery. By recognizing and addressing the social scars caused by these incidents, we can achieve comprehensive and resilient incident management.

The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority has submitted its fourth working paper titled “Organizing National Preparedness to Address Hazardous Material Incidents”, submitted by Humaid Abdullah Al Yamahi. The need for cooperation and coordination between relevant authorities at the national level and at all levels and in all regions focuses on crisis, emergency and disaster management and inter-agency information support.

The conference included a special panel discussion on fighting large fires, which included a presentation on the dynamics of inter-agency work during joint response efforts, leading global practices and procedures, and future challenges and expectations of firefighting and emergency response. system.

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A panel discussion moderated by Andreas Karsten of the Vocational Education Department at Rabtan Academy featured a number of keynote speakers including Colonel Saif Muhair Al Tunaiji of the Ministry of Interior; Hamid Abdullah Al Yamahi, National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority; Major Mahmoud Mohammed Al Balushi, Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority; Aws Al Ganjari, Abu Dhabi Airports; Yazid bin Abdullah, Ministry of Interior.

The conference also includes workshops and scenarios of real-life events, attended by dozens of personnel from specialized national agencies, to study these scenarios, provide an optimal response to sudden emergency situations, and provide immediate and effective innovative strategies and plans. Answer

The conference concluded its work by presenting the most important issues discussed and presenting the outputs and recommendations of the conference aimed at improving operational coordination and compatibility in the main firefighting system in the UAE.

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About Rabdan Academy

Rabtan Academy is a world-class public educational institution created to integrate and enhance the learning outcomes of organizations and individuals in the fields of safety, security, security, emergency preparedness and crisis management..

The Academy was officially established in accordance with Law No. (7) of 2013 for the late Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, and was approved by the Education Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Education..

The Academy is the world's first higher education institution specializing in the fields of security, safety, security, emergency preparedness and crisis management, according to the Universities Rating..

The Academy offers a dual curriculum education system, academic and vocational, learning and prior experience recognized and awarded with certificates and credit hours that are transferable from one track to another and from one job to another..

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