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“Ramadan Ajman” .. The kiss of the readers and sheikhs of the Islamic world


Ajman Airport (WAM)

The “Ramadan Ajman … Theosophy and Hope” festival, since its inception 16 years ago, has garnered a large fan base and unparalleled attendance inside and outside the United Arab Emirates, with its various faith activities that follow the sacred spirituality. Highlight Islamic values ​​for the month and all national audiences.
Mariam al-Mamari, chair of the organizing committee for the “Ramadan Ajman” activities, confirmed that the festival’s activities have become a reference point for entertaining readers and sheikhs in the Islamic world, as the “Ramadan Ajman” festival is considered one of the first. And the first to run them, and its only social activity at the state level has been going on for 16 years.
Al-Mamari said: The most important reason for the success of the “Ramadan Ajman” activities, which always take place under the slogan “Ramadan Ajman .. Godliness and Faith”, is the generous care and generous support of the nobles. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman, Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman and Chairman of the Executive Committee All the elements of success for those faith events that witness the holy month of Ramadan every year in the United States.
Commenting on the most important events that “Ramadan Ajman .. Godliness and Faith” will witness in its current session, Mariam al-Mamari said: The Al-Amar Mosque event now covers three mosques in the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Saeed Mosque, God bless. May God have mercy on her, may Arhama al-Shuwaihi Mosque, may God have mercy on her.In the Islamic world, which is known for its sweetness and sweetness of voice, especially Sheikh Mishri bin Rashid Al-Afsi, Reader Sheikh AbdulAziz Al-Zahrani, Reader Sheikh Wadi Al-Yamani, Reader Islam Sophie, and Reciter Sheikh Islam Sophie In addition to the religious lectures given by 13 senior preachers and scholars at the Sheikh Amna Al Qurair Mosque, Yasin Nabeeb and other eminent reciters, including 18 Quranic readers, may, after the Darawih Prayer, have mercy on her. And the General Order for Islamic Affairs and Donations Conducted in collaboration with the Iyam and Dar Al Per Association. This year’s events were not limited to organizing lectures in Arabic, but also created religious lectures for the communities living there and their languages. And noted that the tolerant Islamic principles and lectures among them saw widespread participation and greater numbers. Various citizen communities.
Commenting on his assessment of public demand for events during the current session compared to previous sessions, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for Ramadan Activities in Ajman said: “All events enjoy unparalleled attendance, especially after easing some of the precautionary measures imposed on us. Due to last year’s corona epidemic, women who are overcrowded in churches in the current session are like stopping and closing churches.

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