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Ramadan Drama… Widespread Communication and Renewed Controversy


The screening of the first episodes of the Ramadan series triggered a wide interaction. Some serials have made a mark from the very first episodes either through good acting or by raising controversy over their events, as some serials became popular on social media during the last days of Ramadan.

Arab people have become a real party to this through social media. Each episode and scene is put under the “microscope” by the interlopers.

As in the “Sara al-Bati” series with sixty main actors, the way of writing the names of the actors participating in the work saw many contradictions between writing the names in its usual form and not writing the names. “Baba al-Majal” wrote only the name of the hero of the work without other actors in the series. . Others attacked the technical and historical errors in the series “Sara al-Bediya” directed by Khaled Yusuf.

Despite leading the “trend” last year, the seventh part of the comedy series “The Big Strong 7” received criticism this year, and followers saw that the work was not new, and its heroine, actress Rahma Ahmed, was criticized, accusing her of The Egyptian series “Seventh Harsha” “repeats the same performance” won some praise.

Although there are many Saudi series this season; Critic Ahmad al-Ayyad believes, “The most important feature that distinguishes it is the return of the duo Nasser al-Qassabi and Abdullah al-Satan in the series (Dash Madash), even after an absence, from its first episodes. It has reached a large audience for the nostalgia of the audience.”
How did Arab audiences and critics interact with Ramadan drama in its early days?

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