February 7, 2023

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Rames Jalal Hota teases al-Mufti’s thin: “Famine at home … Eat daughter Abu Huda” | News

The artist, Ramez Jalal, mocked the slender character of the artist Hota al-Mufti in today’s episode of the “Ramez Movie Star” show aired on MBC Egypt.

During the production phase, Rames said of his slender, especially leg: “There is no male trunk. It is clear that there is famine in the house. Eat your daughter Abu Huda. Eat your daughter Umhuda.”

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In the episode’s introduction, Rames commented on Hota al-Mufti’s slim figure: “An innocent childish face, a slim body as a result of a continually cursed diet, slim with no history, and the star we are from Mars.”

When it was revealed that Hoda Al-Mufti was only 160 centimeters tall, Rames commented: “Henry, be glad you found your height limit.”


The idea behind this year’s “Ramez Movie Star” show revolves around forcing a guest or guest to take part in an action movie, starring international star Jean-Claude Van Damme as the hero facing Lake Attack. Residents, and at the event hosting a football player, are inspired to take part in the promotion for a great product.

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Guests are chased by the inhabitants of the lake on bikes and many explosions and carts are chased by difficult situations while standing on the edge of a metal bridge hanging over a lake, which has a terrifying crocodile.

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