June 2, 2023

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Ramesses II: Rare Loan of Great Egyptian Pharaoh’s Sarcophagus to Paris

  • Salma Khattab
  • BBC News – Cairo

Image copyright La Villette Hall

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Unveiling of King Ramses II’s sarcophagus on display at the “La Villette” hall in Paris, the hall designated for the “Ramses and the Gold of the Pharaohs” exhibition.

King Ramses II’s wooden coffin has returned to Paris, the French capital, after nearly half a century on exceptional loan to take part in the “Ramses and Gold of the Pharaohs” exhibition.

The exhibition began its journey two years ago, at the Houston Museum in the United States, then moved to the state of San Francisco in the United States, and then made its third stop in the French capital, Paris, from where it will travel to Australia. City of Sydney.

However, the king’s wooden coffin will only be on display in Paris from April sixth this year until next September 17, after which it will return to Egypt, according to the decision of the Egyptian Council of Ministers.

This was the second visit of the sarcophagus to Paris in 1976 with the mummy of King Ramses II to treat a mummy that was infected with fungus.