May 18, 2022

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Rare astronomical phenomenon seen Monday in the Egyptian sky

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The National Institute for Astronomical Research in Egypt announced a rare astronomical event in the skies of Egypt next Monday.

Dr. Ashraf Thatros, a professor of astronomy at the institute, explained that the Egyptians would look at the moon along with the planets Venus, Mars and Saturn in a magnificent celestial triangle.

According to the “Sada Al-Balad” news website, Tadros confirmed that the event is awaited by all amateur astronomers and astronomers and those interested in the field, noting that this is a great opportunity to take a photo.

He said that this miraculous scene would appear at dawn and then all the planets would disappear at the speed of the evening twilight as a result of the rising sun.

He said that to see any astronomical event such as the moon joining the planet or the birth of the Arabian crescent, it needed a clear atmosphere and the sky was free of clouds, dust and dust. Steam..

He denied that the incident had caused any harm to human health or daily activities on earth.

Venus is said to be the second farthest from the Sun, closest to Earth, Mars is the fourth closest planet to the Sun, the last of the four inner planets, and Saturn is the sixth closest to the Sun. The second largest planet in our solar system.


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