June 5, 2023

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Real Madrid leader Mbabane mocked: The poor man will regret what he did

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is set to leave the Manchester United squad following the arrival of a new coach, an Italian newspaper has reported.

And she saidLa RepublicWith the arrival of Eric Den Hawk, Ronaldo’s future is no longer among the “Red Devils” and his style of play does not match Ronaldo’s.

Den Hawk wants to change the game to match the classic Dutch style of play he used in Ajax, and the newspaper reports that Cristiano did not accept this method.

The newspaper suggested that Ronaldo return to Sporting Club Lisbon, where he began his career, but said nothing was certain yet.

In addition to the arrival of a new coach, there are other reasons that could have prompted Ronaldo to leave Manchester United, including his desire to play in the Champions League, according to the newspaper.

Manchester United finished sixth in the 2021-22 season of the English Premier League with 58 points, preventing them from qualifying for the Champions League.

Ronaldo has only one year left on his contract with the team, which allows him to leave.

The report indicates that the 37-year-old wants to play at the highest level for at least another season and will continue to compete for the World Cup in Qatar.

Also last April, Manchester United announced that Ajax’s Dutch coach Eric Den Hawk would take over the helm of the “Red Devils” from next season until June 2025, when the English club relied on an action. The football renaissance will restore it to its normal state.

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