March 23, 2023

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Realme GT3 is a new phone with 240W fast charging technology

World renowned smartphone brand Realme is all set to launch the new Realme GT3 phone with 240W fast charging technology in the global market during the upcoming International Mobile Expo and Conference in Barcelona, ​​Spain. February 28.

Realme introduced 65-watt fast charging technology in the Realme X7 phone in 2020, then 150-watt charging technology in the Realme GT Neo3 in 2022, and the company is gearing up to introduce 240-watt fast charging technology this year. Watts » on its new Realme GT3 phone.

Realme Innovation Sectors

As part of its plans to provide users with fast charging technology, reduce charging time to an hour or less, and subsequently save electricity, Realme will introduce its latest innovation in the field of fast charging technology across all its phones at various price points. Categories.

The Realme Global Institute for Advanced Technology will bring together more than 60 technology experts from across the globe to monitor the performance of the company’s new products.

The company has also created its own R&D team, which accounts for 60% of its total employees, and strives to innovate in 6 key segments: fast charging, photography, displays, gaming applications, chipset and industrial design.

In addition, Realme will base its product development on the “Spire” strategy, which aims to equip each new product or generation with at least one advanced technology.

Realme GT3 Specifications

According to some leaks about the specifications of “Realme GT3”, which the company has not officially announced, it will come with 8 GB of random memory, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 64 megapixel + 8 megapixel + 2. – megapixel rear camera, and a 16 megapixel front camera. Mega pixels, 5000 mAh battery, 6.7 inch display

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