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Rebel Wilso: I was earning millions when I was fat … my team hit me after I lost weight


When the global comedian Rebel Wilson embarked on his health journey, he revealed that he did not have the full support of those around him..

Actress Rebel Wilson

Raphael Wilson
Raphael Wilson

“I got a lot of pressure from my team, here in Hollywood, when I said OK, it’s going to be a healthy year and I’m going to change my life physically,” Wilson said. Why? Why do you want to do that? “I’m making millions of dollars to be the funny fat woman and that person.”

An actress lost last year Pitch Perfect At about 36kg, Wilson was a self-confident and loving woman before she lost weight, but she was “deeply aware” that her “emotional eating” habits were not healthy.

The Australian star, Rebel Wilson, has impressed fans after reappearing in more beautiful form than last year. 2020, In which he lost about 30 kg to reappear after reaching the ideal weight, he told the press InStyle.

Wilson first spoke to a popular magazine while in Atlanta during the filming of his new comedy Senior year, About his journey to losing weight, admitted that he did not have surgery to lose weight, but he adhered to a diet that prevents sugar, fast food and exercise on a daily basis.

In his statements, Wilson confirmed that he had intended to lose weight at the age of thirty, but succeeded after reaching the age of forty, saying, “Sometimes when you were older, he did not have to look at you twice. People are coming forward to change. “

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