June 8, 2023

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Recently excavated.. Video showing the graves of Wagner soldiers killed in the Ukraine wars

Ukrainian forces are said to be still entrenched in the city center, where Wagner’s mercenaries are attacking from three directions. High-rise buildings defended by Ukrainian units bombarded by Russian artillery and missiles.

From the air, new footage from a Ukrainian drone shows the shocking devastation, with smoke billowing from the rubble while the bodies of fallen soldiers are strewn on the ground.

Wagner’s group is believed to have lost thousands of fighters in the Battle of Pakmut, a city that tested strength for both sides.

The Ukrainians claim that the situation has stabilized and that the number of Russian attacks has even decreased slightly.

The commander of the Ukrainian ground forces, Alexander Chersky, returned to the city and said, “The most intense phase of the battle for Pakmut is underway. The enemy is suffering heavy losses, but continues to carry out offensive operations.”

But Yevgeny Prigozhin, Wagner’s leader, did not see this, as he was in Bagmut on an early patrol with his fighters. CNN has located the location where he took the video that shows Wagner taking control of the southern suburbs.

A fighter says that the Ukrainians are less than 200 meters away and that every building is a fortress. As they walk through the ruins, Prigogine says he wants to know how Wagner can do it better and faster.

Hundreds of miles away in southern Russia are rows of newly excavated burial mounds in Krasnodar. There is a steady flow of funerals here, but despite heavy losses on the battlefield, the Russians continue to use massive artillery fire against Ukrainian towns and cities daily.

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