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Recover deleted photos on Android without software …


The use of smart phones has become a huge part of our lives. Using smart phones, we make calls, receive voice calls and video calls, exchange text messages, take pictures, videos and other applications.

With the development of the smart phone industry and the use of advanced technologies and competition between companies towards creating a phone that meets all the needs and requirements of the users, the cameras built into these phones allow us to take high quality pictures- quality and very clear images, so that we have every moment of our life and occasion on our phone. And record jobs and pictures owned by others.

Sometimes the user may delete some images or the phone does not require free storage space, or the user may accidentally delete some images, here phones are wondering how to recover these deleted images, here are some suggested programs or applications to download or to root an Android device, and one of these programs Requires an experienced user, he may not be able to use them by many users, but the Android operating system has many secrets and great features that some people do not know. These features are the ability to recover deleted photos easily and simply and there is no need to download any photo recovery applications or programs.
In this article, we will explain the steps on how to recover deleted photos on devices running the well-known Android operating system, and explain the steps in detail.

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Explain how to recover deleted photos on Android without programs:
First, through the main screen of the Android phone, we search for the “My Files” folder and click on it.

My files
Press the button Options menu located next to the Home button on the front of the phone.

Press the Options menu button
After pressing the Options menu button, the menu will appear, so we need to click on the “Settings” option.

– Now let’s open a new page with options and put some dicks next to the option to show hidden files

Show hidden files

Then click on the All Files option.

All files option
After that, the system will take us to a page where we click on the device storage option.

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Internal memory
– The phone’s internal phone storage will now open, so we will search for the (DCIM) folder and click on it.

DCIM folder
After opening the DCIM file, you will find three or four folders in it, select the first folder as the hidden file (thumbnail) folder and click on it.

Hidden files folder
– Thus, a page for hidden files will open for us, and all the photos we previously opened on the phone, even if they were deleted or on the phone, so we use the photos we deleted and saved back to the photo album on the phone.

Show all pictures

* This method resets 80% to 90% of deleted photos, depending on the capacity of the phone’s internal storage space, and can recover 100% of deleted photos on some Android devices.
* When recovering deleted photos, some people may complain that the recovered photos are not as good as they were before deleting, but not on a large scale.
* This method is useful for recovering deleted photos on Android devices, and it is not only useful for recovering deleted videos, but also for retrieving the interface image of deleted videos.

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