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“Remember” .. Weather Warns: Autumn rains will hit these governors and areas within hours


The Meteorological Department has released the weather forecast for the coming hours and has confirmed that there is a high chance of autumn rains in some areas and areas. Their normal conditions, with the possibility of the appearance of water fog on a large number of highways and agricultural roads, especially in the early morning.

In this regard, the Meteorological Commission released an official statement to talk about the weather: “Due to the hot weather prevailing in the governorates of Cairo and Lower Egypt, there are great expectations for a significant drop in temperature throughout the Republic. During the day it will be in northern Upper Egypt, but it will be better in the late afternoon in southern Sinai and southern This also applies to the governorates of Upper Egypt, where it is hot in the morning and noon. “

The Meteorological Agency said there was a high chance of rain in some coastal areas and in Lower Egypt, with intermittent intervals of four to 10 hours in the morning.

Meteorological officials in Egypt have warned all drivers and commuters against the appearance of water fog on most highways and agricultural roads in the early hours of the morning, which is why they should take as many precautionary measures as possible while driving on those roads.

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