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Report: A new version of Counter Strike is coming soon


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Tuesday, 07 March 2023 03:00 am

Hadith’s statement reveals this Valve Game Studio He is currently developing a new version of the popular first-person shooter series “Counter Strike”.

According to reports, an online first-person shooter titled “Counter-Strike 2” may launch its beta program in the next few months, and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” (CS: GO) – the latest game in the franchise – in 2012, with rumors of a sequel. There were also speculations, and it seems that after a long wait of more than a decade, “CS:GO” fans might finally be happy.

Counter Strike 2 is now a priority for Valve

According to the report, Counter-Strike 2 has been well into development for “some time” now, with insider sources revealing the game is “almost live,” and there’s talk of a “temporary” beta release soon. Between March and April 1.

Also, the project is said to be a top priority of LValve CorporationAnd according to the source, most of the resources are behind the development of Counter-Strike 2 and why the maintenance on “CS: GO” was stopped recently. Persons of CS.”

Also, the report says that Counter Strike 2 is set to take advantage of the power of Valve’s Source 2 game engine, which means the new game will offer visual and performance-centric improvements over its predecessors, however, players on low-end systems can currently play “CS: GO” without any problems. Can be played without, with the same experience as playing the sequel.

Elsewhere, online matchmaking is also likely to see improvements, however, while initially Counter-Strike 2 will use the same matching process as its predecessor, this aspect of the sequel is said to be “working” and will improve over time.

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