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For the first time in the world, using artificial intelligence techniques, scientists have succeeded in recreating a classic song by a famous rock band that can be recognized from the neural signals of the brain, according to a newspaper report.Financial Times“British.

The chorus of a classic Pink Floyd song blared from speakers in a neuroscience lab at the University of California, Berkeley, because the beats and lyrics were “unintelligible” but recognizable.

The broadcast is not a rock band recording, but is generated using artificial intelligence techniques from the brainwaves of the people listening to it.

The study, published in the journalMagazinesArtificial intelligence has become “powerful enough to reconstruct parts of songs,” he noted.

The findings help scientists understand how the brain responds to music and neurologists who want to help people with “severe neurological damage” communicate in a way that feels more natural through brain-computer interfaces, whether they speak or sing.

Nerve damage is also called “peripheral neuropathy” and can result from a variety of causes, such as diabetes, chronic alcohol use, exposure to certain toxins, certain types of vitamin B deficiencies, or HIV infection, the website says.Mayo Clinic“.

During the study, the scientists found areas of the brain responsible for detecting rhythm and some parts of the auditory cortex, located behind and just above the ear, responded to the onset of the sound, while others responded to the “continuing song.”

Devices that help people communicate when they can’t speak tend to “speech words one after the other”, while sentences produced by AI have a “robotic quality”, similar to what the late physicist Stephen Hawking described with “speech generation”. device”..

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Berkeley researchers say brain-reading technology could be extended to “decoding musical thoughts.”

According to the Financial Times, imagining or composing music can transmit musical information and listen to it on external speakers.

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