March 29, 2023

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Republican Glenn Young wins Virginia gubernatorial election

U.S. television reported Wednesday that Republican candidate Glenn Yong had won the Virginia gubernatorial election, a test for Democrats and President Joe Biden.

With more than 95 percent of the vote counted, Young had a 2.7-point lead over Democrat Terry McAliffe. Following these results, the NBC and ABC announced the victory of the Republican candidate.

Voters in the state adjacent to the capital, Washington, were called in to elect a new governor, a preliminary test for the midterm elections.

He faces Yong, 54, a supporter of former President Donald Trump, and Terry McAliffe, 64, backed by Democratic President Biden.

The three-quarters of the vote showed that Yongkin, a businessman with no political experience, was eight points ahead of McAuliffe, who received hawk support from his party during the campaign.

Before the vote, Biden spoke of Glasgow attending the COP26 climate conference, calling on Democrats to vote “we will win” in this election, even if the results are “close”.

According to the Virginia Public Access Program, the turnout was six times higher than Democrat Ralph Northam was elected in 2017, with nearly 1.2 million early voters.

When the first results were announced, Yongkin told his supporters, “This is not an election campaign long ago, but a movement you all lead.”

A few days before the election, the US president appeared with McAuliffe in Arlington.

“You had the courage and wisdom to reject the extremism that now dominates the Republican Party across the United States,” Biden told a crowd in Arlington, a suburb of Washington, DC.

“Republicans today do not recommend anything other than cutting taxes for rich and powerful companies,” he added.

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Before Biden, Barack Obama, US First Lady Jill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris campaigned for McAliffe, who voted closely with Yong.

Confidence in the president has been steadily declining since the tumultuous withdrawal from Afghanistan this summer.

His promises to end the Govt-19 epidemic quickly were not fulfilled, prompting the White House to take cohesive measures that would continue to widen the country’s divisions over vaccination or other health measures.