March 25, 2023

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Returning to the “old guard” … How do I feel about my past in my Niger situation?

Jamel Belmadi, coach of the Algerian national team, began outlining the format of the list he would add to two Niger matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

And hosts Algeria national team The third and fourth rounds of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers for the African continent will take place at his home in Niger on October 8, before he becomes a guest on the 11th of the same month.

After beating Djibouti 8-0 in the first round, Algeria got off to a successful start in the Africa qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, drawing 1-1 with Burkina Faso in the second round.

In order to qualify for the decisive and playoffs of the World Cup qualifiers, the Greens support the prospect of topping their group to collect 6 points from two levels.

According to Algerian media sources, the new list of the Algerian national team is expected to witness the return of the “old guard”.

Algeria’s French-language Phoenix football website has recently revealed the expected return of senior Sheffield United star Adlan Giudio.

The same source confirmed the possibility of the recent remarkable left-back, Mohamed Fares, being recalled. Italian League With the Genoa Club.

The Algerian team is expected to review right-back Youssef Atlet, who recovered from an injury sustained by Nice, and Adam Unas, who missed Belmadi’s accounts during the recent international break. For his interest in his future with the Italian club Napoli.

Isaac Belford, on the new list of “Desert Warriors”, suffered a muscle injury that left him out of the national team’s accounts in a bid to compensate German Hertha Berlin striker or Osama Terflow, Dutch Weeds scorer, French Lyon striker and French Lyon striker. Algeria.

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According to all these data, the Algerian team will most likely have:

Goalkeepers: Royce Mbolhi (Saudi Etiquette), Abdelrahman Majdel (Algerian athlete Barado), Alexandre Okija (French Mets).

Security line: Mehdi Sawan (Kilia Sowetov Samara, Russia), Mohamed Fares (Genoa, Italy), Isa Mandy (Villarreal, Spain), Rami Ben Sabaini (Borussia Moishengladbach, Germany), Youssef Atal (good, France), Abdul Qadir Esperance of Tunisia), Ahmed Tuba (Dutch Wolverine), Mediope in Abdeljal (Bordeaux, France).

Midfield: Atlan Gadiora (Qatar Al Karafa), Mahdi Obaid (Al Nasser UAE), Rames Suruqui (Twente, Netherlands), Ismail bin Nasser (AC Milan, Italy), Harid Bakila (France Priest Stadium), Boud Tawi (good French).

Forwards: Riyadh Mahrez (Manchester City, England), Rashid Kasal (Besiktas, Turkey), Youssef Belili (Qatar), Saeed Benrahma (West Ham United, England), Osama Terflow (Whitesay, Netherlands), Baghdad ) Adam Lunas (Naples, Italy)