February 8, 2023

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‪ارتفاع درجات الحرارة يهدد حياة الإنسان على كوكب الأرض في أفق 2025

Rising temperatures will threaten human life on Earth by 2025

“Climate Issues and Temperature Rise” recently made headlines in international newspapers and reports from competent organizations, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned of the danger of intensifying heat waves in the coming years.

Climate and sustainable development expert Mohamed Benabu explained that the accumulation of millions of tons of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases that lead to global warming and the consequent increase in temperature. கிரகம்; In addition, day by day, these greenhouse gases are increasing at the level of the atmosphere, “warns,” of dangerous consequences, such as fires, outbreaks of disease and high mortality rates. In western Canada last summer, hundreds of deaths were recorded.

The same expert warned about Hespress, “The increase in temperature leads to an increase in sea level and sea acidity, thus negatively affecting the biological diversity at its depths, and melting of the Arctic, ice and ice. Water and food security threaten the populations of East Asian and Latin American nations, thus endangering human life on Earth. ”

Experts warn that the health risks posed by these climate changes will have a greater impact on vulnerable groups of young children and the elderly.

In this context, Morocco is aware of an increase in the percentage of citizens over the age of seventy and eighty, with one group suffering from high fever, shortness of breath, heart attack and high temperature-related illnesses, which can sometimes lead to sudden death.

In the same vein, Nadia Hemayati, a researcher and president of the La Siesta Association for the Protection of the Environment, said: “Birth rates throughout Morocco have dropped dramatically already. Citizens are sensitive and text messages are sent to them to take the necessary precautionary measures. Housing and drinking water; Arrangements have been made by the health authorities to visit their homes and check on their health.

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Crisis on the horizon 2025

An additional 1.1 degrees Celsius in terms of global warming is the highest recorded in the world to date, while countries want the percentage mentioned in the Paris Agreement to be 1.5, and not to exceed 2100 horizons; However, expert Benapoo lamented that “the possibility of achieving this figure at any time between 2022 and 2025, according to the Commission on Climate Scientists”.

The same spokesman continued, “2020 has been the hottest year on record since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, while July was considered one of the hottest months in years; Threatens, in terms of oxygen or water resources, they are declining over time.

Nadia Hemayati, for her part, explained that “civil society has always condemned the slow pace of implementation of countries’ obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that pollute human practices and cause global warming.”

A spokesman for Hezbollah called on Morocco to “escape the consequences of these changes,” calling on Morocco to “succeed in managing the corona epidemic and proving its ability to manage the epidemic.” To take advantage of this experience, take proactive action and inform the best practices of countries like Morocco. “