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For lovers of astronomical phenomena, Saturn graces the July nights and can be seen shining with the naked eye.


Stargazing is worth continuing in July 2022, because it’s time to see the summer constellations, and the planets finally begin to return to the evening sky..

revealed Jeddah Astronomical SocietyIn his report, the first is Saturn, which is seen above the southeastern horizon in early July, but before eight o’clock in the evening at the end of the month..

Saturn resembles a star of average brightness to the naked eye and increases in brightness over the course of the month when it approaches its closest point to Earth in August, or more correctly, when Earth and Saturn approach each other in their orbits. the sun Saturn’s amazing ring system makes this planet a favorite of most people, even with a small telescope.

When you look at Saturn, remember that most of the light you see from the planet is reflected sunlight from its rings, which are made almost entirely of ice..

The best binocular view of Saturn will come later in the month. In the Northern Hemisphere, however, it must wait a little until midnight to allow it to rise high enough in the sky, above the dimming effects of Earth’s atmosphere near the horizon..

Saturn will be relatively easy next August, so astrologers need not wait until late to enjoy the ringed planet..

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