March 21, 2023

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Riyadh Newspaper |  Mbappe: I will not leave as a "thief"

Riyadh Newspaper | Mbappe: I will not leave as a “thief”

French international striker, Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbabane, in an interview with Radio Monte Carlo, has publicly confirmed for the first time that he wants to leave his club at the end of last July.

“My position was clear, I told him to leave, I told him soon,” he told officials in Saint-Germain at the end of July, in an interview with the 2018 World Champion, a radio show Monte Carlo posted on his website.

This is the first time Mbappe has addressed the issue, which has caused a great deal of controversy in the football world, especially after a possible transfer to Real Madrid failed, with Mbappe offering almost 180 million euros to buy in August last year. Paris team.

Nevertheless, Saint-Germain closed the door to negotiations and, through its Brazilian sports director Leonardo, announced that Mbabane would “leave or stay by our terms”.

“I told you, if you do not want to leave, I will stay,” Mbappe said, adding that he had not extended his contract and raised fears at the club that he would leave for free next summer.

“I turned down six or seven offers for an extension. People no longer want to talk to Leonardo. It’s not true. I told Gillian, now you have to talk to the president,” said Qatar’s Nasser al. -Galify said.

At the summer exchange market, Mbappe responded to allegations that he had waited until the last moment until the end of August, when he refused to leave as a “thief” and charged himself with a felony.

“I told him to leave because from the moment I did not want to extend my contract (which expires in the summer of 2022), I wanted the club to benefit from my transfer compensation to get a better alternative,” the Paris striker explained.

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Mbappe, 22, joined Saint-Germain on 2017 from Monaco for 180 million.

The young striker said, “(Paris) is a club that has given me a lot. I’m always been happy here for four years, and I’m still. I announced it in advance to fulfill my wish for the club. I respect that.”