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Robots in human form at the “Artificial Intelligence” conference


Despite rapid advances in artificial intelligence, many questions remain unanswered about the technology, the United Nations warned at the start of a two-day conference on the issue, which will feature humanoid robots.

Many attendees marveled at the realism displayed by the robots that walked the corridors of the “World Summit on Artificial Intelligence for Social Good” organized by the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union.

Research related to artificial intelligence, especially obstetric intelligence, has seen a huge boom, while the United Nations is calling for the establishment of rules and guarantees so that these technologies benefit humans without any risk or harm.

“When buildable AI shocked the world a few months ago, we’ve never seen anything like it,” ITU Secretary-General Doreen Bogdan Martin said at the summit. Even the biggest names in tech rave about this experience,” he says, referring to ChatGBT.

And he continues, “The potential for this type of artificial intelligence to become smarter than humans is very close to us.”

In response, hundreds of academics and figures called for a six-month halt to the development of more powerful artificial intelligence systems, citing “huge risks” to humanity.

This week, the United Nations will bring together more than 3,000 experts, leaders and business representatives to discuss the need for rules to ensure that artificial intelligence is used for positive purposes for humanity, such as reducing hunger or sustainable development.

Without similar rules, artificial intelligence has the potential to create a nightmare for humans, according to Bogdan Martin, who points to a world where millions of jobs are at risk, facing the spread of misinformation, as well as “social unrest, geopolitical instability. , and economic inequalities at unprecedented levels.” We’ve never seen it before.

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Robots equipped with cameras in their eyes follow what is happening in their environment, answer questions, smile, and move their eyes in response, among others.

Among these robots is “Desdemona”, known to those close to her as “Desi”, and is a member of the music group “Jam Galaxy Band”.

Created by David Hansen, this purple-haired robot plays jazz-style songs on topics ranging from love to credit cards to dates at theme parks.

“It’s amazing,” says saxophonist Diane Croce, who plays with Robo. It may sound strange, but it’s amazing, because words created on the basis of artificial intelligence are amazing. Nadia Dalman, an expert on humanoid robots and a professor at the University of Geneva, created a model called “Nadine” that answers a variety of questions, but doesn’t move.

“I was created to be a social robot like humans, to interact with people and explore the potential of artificial intelligence,” says the robot “Nadine”.

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