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Rockstar Games Introduces GTA Plus GTA Online


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Meanwhile, Rockstar Games has announced GTA +, a paid subscription service for the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions | S. from GDA Online.

The new GTA + online game service will launch next Tuesday (March 29) and will cost users $ 5.99 (£ 5.30), although specific regional pricing for users outside the US has not yet been confirmed.

Features of GTA + service

“Being a GTA + member gives you a continuous monthly GTA Direct Deposit of $ 500,000 in your Maze Bank account, as well as the opportunity to receive Los Santos and the assets around it to unlock missed game updates, special vehicle updates and membership discounts. Bonus GTA $, RP and more each month. “

Fantastic new rewards

Rockstar continues to offer GTA + “new exclusive rewards” each month from game websites that include Maze Bank Foreclosures, Legendary Motorsport and more.

GTA + first month benefits include $ 500,000 and a free boat upgrade, La Mesa car shop, free clothing and car customization options, and some bonuses as described on the blog.

“Pay the money, you basically get nothing. You get more by grinding one day than you can get this membership in one year,” the top comment says.

It remains to be seen whether Rockstar will consider any criticism regarding GTA + pricing or content going forward.

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