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Rodion Ksonzenko : Unique Diamonds and Their Investment Attractiveness


In the summer of 2023, the founder of Magnat Fine Jewelry, opened the veil of the mysterious world of unique diamonds to the world, impressing the audience with a diamond he created in the shape of the most picturesque country – Ukraine. The pinnacle of his creative courage was recognized worldwide and, of course, received numerous reviews that speak for themselves.

Let’s try to go back in time to 2015, when Rodion Ksonzenko, having completed his successful football career, decided not only to go beyond the usual horizons, but also to enter the wonderful world of diamonds. Feeling new perspectives and opportunities, he began to experiment and explore ways to develop in various business areas. And that’s when he met a diamond trader on his way, opening a new chapter in his life.

Starting to explore the next possible steps to realize his potential, Rodion embarked on his own quest to create an international jewelry brand that could unite the Ukrainian spirit and the global diamond market into an unbreakable alliance. Taking a bold step into the world of diamonds turned out to be the first priority, but the goal was high and noble.

In 2021, Magnat Fine Jewelry began its exciting global journey by opening its representative office in exotic Dubai. Although the circumstances of the war in 2022 temporarily delayed the plans, the brand’s team, steadily and faithfully moving forward, opened its showroom in Dubai, giving customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of diamonds and understand their investment attractiveness.

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The summer of 2023 will be considered an important page in the history of Magnat Fine Jewelry. During this period, the world saw a unique diamond in the shape of Ukraine, a piece that exceeded all expectations and aroused admiration among both a narrow circle of experts and a wide audience. When Rodion Ksonzenko analyzed the feedback reflecting the recognition of this symbol and its support for the Ukrainian issue, it became clear that this piece was a successful realization of the company’s mission.

Today, Magnat Fine Jewelry, which not only impresses with unique diamonds, but also actively participates in charitable initiatives, receives feedback for supporting the army and Ukrainians during the difficult period of war. Noting the support of those in need as a priority, when Rodion Ksonzenko received positive feedback, he concluded that everything indicates a positive perception of his work and project.

Recognition came not only from experts and clients, but also from international laboratories. The founder of the brand is currently negotiating with a leading American laboratory to fix a unique cut called “Map of Ukraine”. Despite the difficulties associated with political realities, the choice of the American laboratory was significant and confirmed the willingness to support the project despite the challenges.

An important milestone in the history of Magnat Fine Jewelry is the plan to open a large boutique in Kyiv over the next five years. This step will mark the true strength, experience, and uniqueness of the brand. Taking into account the impressions of customers, Rodion has an ambitious goal to transform the market and convince investors that diamonds are not only jewelry, but also a valuable financial instrument for preserving and growing capital.

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