March 29, 2023

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Ronaldo breaks new record against Qatar

Ronaldo breaks new record against Qatar

The Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, broke the new record set by his country Qatar 3-0, on Saturday, in the Portuguese city of Pharaoh. In 2022.

Ronaldo competed in the 181st match with his country, beating the European record set by Paris Saint-Germain player Spanish Sergio Ramos.

The Manchester United star did not find it more difficult to renew his superiority over his teammates Al Anabi, who imposed his dominance on events from the start of the first quarter (3-1), the 2016 European Championship in the previous international window last September.

The host of the next World Cup will participate in the Old Continent qualifiers in a legal capacity regardless of the outcome, following an invitation from the European Union in Qatar.

Ronaldo missed a chance to score when the world’s best player returned five times, facing goalkeeper Saad al-Sheep after a pass from Leipzig’s German Andre Silva, and placed the ball close (28). He compensated when he scored the first goal and invested a dangerous mistake by defender Pasam al-Ravi (37). Strengthened its international targets with target 112.

The team of Spanish coach Felix Sanchez was only involved in defense and could not pose any danger to the Portuguese team as the stars continued to dominate before the gray goal and missed easy chances.

Lille’s French defender Jose Fonde boosted his country’s progress early in the second half following a setback by goalkeeper (48).

The Portuguese team continued to excel in the second minute, with AC Milan’s Rafael Liao replacing Ronaldo, who scored twice for Qatar, while Silva scored the third goal in the final minute (90).

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The Qatari team will leave for Dublin after the match to face the Irish on Tuesday in the second strong test in the current international window for the month of October.