May 29, 2023

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“Ronaldo is a trick like a kebab!” .. Al-Nasr responds to Al Muammar’s mockery of Cristiano


Al-Nasr Al-Saudi’s press adviser, Walid Al-Muhaitib, has denied reports attributed to the club’s president, Musli Al-Muammar, that he was cheated on a contract deal with Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Al-Muhaitib told the Spanish news agency: “The talk in the Spanish press that we cheated on the Ronaldo deal, based on the Arabia News 50 website, is false and incorrect.

Al-Muhaitib confirmed that Al-Nasr’s leader had not given any press interviews recently, and warned that there was no such thing as a Saudi website called Arabia News 50, which was the source of the media’s alleged statements.

Ronaldo stressed that he is happy to be at Al-Nasser and that the club is proud to have him in Saudi Arabia.

Several Spanish newspapers published the following from the lips of Muammar Al-Muamli: “I have only been cheated twice in my life, the first time when I asked for 3 kebabs they gave me only two, the second time when I signed Cristiano Ronaldo.”

Al-Nasr’s press adviser commented on these reports: “The press came up with his joke and thought it was true.”

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