June 2, 2023

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Ronaldo takes Portugal to deadly “Remontada” against Ireland in World Cup qualifier

The Portuguese international, Cristiano Ronaldo, was on a date in history that led his country to a 0-1 deficit against its host Ireland yesterday, Wednesday, with the European qualifiers for the first 20-2 World Cup 1-2 seeing the victory of Luxembourg in the first round. As its guest, in Azerbaijan, with the same conclusion.

Portugal with 10 points from four matches, 3 points ahead of its closest rivals Serbia, Luxembourg were third with six points, while the Faroe Islands and Azerbaijan were without points.

Ronaldo missed a penalty opportunity for Portugal in the 15th minute, after a goal from John Egan in the 45th minute, the penalty came from the Irish team.

As everyone prepared for the end of the match with Ireland’s victory, Ronaldo surprised everyone by scoring two goals for Portugal in the 89th minute and a sixth in the second half.

With these two goals, Ronaldo raised his tally with Portugal to 111 goals, to stand out internationally in the list of historic scores, ahead of his closest followers, two goals ahead of retired Iranian star Ali Dai.


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