March 28, 2023

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Ronaldo's famous celebration loses his services "demons"

Ronaldo’s famous celebration loses his services “demons”

The Argentine star, Lionel Messi, has confirmed that fame can sometimes be a burden to him, and he hopes no one will notice him so he can enjoy some time with his family, the newspaper says.குறி“Spanish.

The star of the Paris Saint-Germain team explained in statements to the “France Football” magazine, and Marca quoted excerpts from it, saying: “So I started to get acquainted with Messi for 34 years.” I want to be completely unnoticed and enjoy being with my family without getting to know people.

He added, “However, I do not complain. It’s always nice to get a compliment or a smile from someone or if someone tells me to take a picture with me.

Commenting on Manchester City’s defeat to Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League last September, Messi said: “At the time, we needed this behavior, we were close to victory. No, I did what I did. I lay on the floor in the back, so we all had to contribute something to get good results.

Messi denied that he had ever compared himself to his country’s legend, the late star Diego Maradona: “Frankly, I’m never compared myself to him, and I’m not interested in comparisons like this.”

He continued, “In the past, I have been plagued by criticism for comparing me to him (considering that Maradona won the World Cup with Argentina, I had some difficult times in my life with the national team, but I had a good relationship. Tango players make us strong and determined.”

He added, “We talk to each other in the dressing room and discuss things that can be improved.”

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Messi emphasized the importance of humility in his life, explaining: “I come from a working class family, my father worked all day, and we lived in a very humble environment. But we have no shortage. They instilled respect in me. ” As well as hard work and humility.

He added: “I grew up with these values. When I came to Barcelona when I was 13, I found the same values ​​in La Macia (school)”, which is affiliated with Catalan.