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Ruler of Sharjah: Providing adequate housing for Emirati families supports their stability


Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi affirmed that providing adequate and safe housing for the Emirati family is an important part of His Highness’ plan to build families in the community by supporting their stability. and providing all the necessities to live a dignified, stable life and contribute to achieving family security and raising children in all that is good.

This came yesterday morning during his swearing-in ceremony of the first phase of the “Al Saf Residential Complex” in Kalba city, which will cost 122 million dirhams and will have 151 houses and an area of ​​417. thousand square meters.

The Ruler of Sharjah said: “The housing program is part of the family building program and works to find a place of comfort, stability and safety and ways to protect the family not only from the harm of others. Belongs to its livelihood, worship and its community. The new development in Kalpa City is not just cement and steel. “But that’s what makes a family.”

His Highness explained that the greatest responsibility falls on fathers and mothers to work to integrate the areas of family formation that include education, as they have tenderness, warmth and something that no one can replace. In addition to nurseries, universities, schools, etc. to provide protection and various methods to the son. “Mosques and means of promoting faith and good values, such as the spread of institutions related to children, young women and girls. , all of which provide a part of education and the proper establishment of the family. In order to promote the unity and stability of the family, work is the basic pillar of the family, emphasizing work to find and provide for it. He pointed out. Be secure in their livelihood and do not travel long distances because these distances expose people to danger and waste time.” And return to his family, my plan will not be complete until I find these jobs.” He pointed out that “al-Saf complex” has all the services, facilities and infrastructure, and asked him to work on improving various services in Al-Khail region such as health, roads, agriculture and urban aspects. He directed the higher authorities to develop the regions one after the other according to the needs of each region in modifying houses, buildings or infrastructure so that all parts of the Kalpa can develop.

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Offering three models of Islamic, local and modern design, the complex has apartments of various designs. Each apartment has five rooms with an area of ​​322 square meters. It took 18 months to complete the first phase of the campus. And the second phase is expected to be delivered by the end of next February. The project includes a public park and various services for the residents of the complex, completion of road works and electricity, gas and sewerage extensions, making the “Al Saf Complex” fully serviced.

Inauguration of the second phase of commercial buildings in Kalpa Nagar

Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi said, “Development projects in Kalba City continue to include buildings, roads and infrastructure. Urban revitalization is reflected in the development of the region, providing services and various sources of economic income, improving and making it an attractive area.

This was while he was attending the opening ceremony of the second phase of the commercial building and handing over the title certificates and keys to the residents of the “Suhaila Kalpa” project buildings yesterday morning. Owners of 41 residential buildings with residential apartments and shops, wish them success and prosperity. The Ruler of Sharjah said, “Each building owner will be compensated due to the government’s plan to develop the city to benefit building owners whose property income has stopped during the reconstruction period. With 150 thousand dirhams in lieu of revenue that had ceased in recent years,” this amount is not their right, grant or privilege.

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