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Abu Dhabi Port establishes a logistics base in a dumped port


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Abu Dhabi Ports Group has signed a new agreement with Eni Abu Dhabi, the world’s leading Italian integrated energy company, to establish a maritime logistics base in support of the company’s offshore drilling operations in the Al Dafra region.
The logistics base is based on the leading port of Muharraq, which allows the company to benefit from its advanced infrastructure and use its strategic location close to the region’s most important marine oil and gas bases in the service of its operations. Dedicated Perth, a yard to streamline operations, in addition to the necessary human resources and logistics equipment, can be used to purify drilling sludge and liquids using the Abu Dhabi Field Stations.
Saif Al Masroui, Head of Ports, Abu Dhabi Ports Group, welcomed Eni to join the growing maritime business community in the Al Tafra region, especially as it is one of the largest and most influential global companies in the global energy sector. Guides many marine energy processes. Benefiting from the latest infrastructure provided by the ports of Abu Dhabi, this collaboration gives me the opportunity to work with the highest level of efficiency near its offshore drilling facilities. ”
Mubarak Al Masroui, Director of Port Administration, Abu Dhabi Port Group’s Port Al-Tafra Region, said: “Muqraq Port has a rich and prosperous history as a leading maritime facility capable of providing extensive support in the Al-Tafra region. Activities in the Marine Oil and Gas Sector. “

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