June 7, 2023

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Russia is connecting satellites powered by a plasma engine


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Russian company Sputniks and the Institute of Physical Technologies (MEV) laboratory have begun to connect a satellite using a Russian-made VERA plasma-powered engine.

A spokesman for the Russian company Citronics Group said: 10 × 10 cm nano satellites, powered by VERA (Volume-Effective Rocket-Propulsion Assembly) Plasma Engine.

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Russia is developing satellites capable of monitoring the Earth and the Moon

The design team plans to build two satellites. “We plan to connect two test satellites equipped with a plasma engine, which will then be used for space experiments,” said Nikolai Ludzedev, chairman of the Citronics Group.

The task of the plasma machine is to scatter the satellites launched as a group and deliver them to different places in the Earth’s orbit to increase the controlled area.

Nikolai Ludgidev explained that satellites can perform a variety of tasks, including remote sensing of the Earth, disaster warning, shipping, data collection on aircraft, maintaining Internet connectivity to remote meteorological stations, and other tasks.

Source: Toss

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