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Russian astronomers accurately determine the speed of the Sun’s motion around the center of the galaxy


Scientists have identified the main astronomical laboratory (Pulkovo) Russian Academy of Sciences, with high accuracy, speed Solar cycle Around the galaxy, it is traveling at a speed of 240 kilometers per second, according to the RT report.

It should be noted that scientists have previously determined the speed of rotation of the galaxy and the speed of the Sun relative to the center of the galaxy in different ways.

But not too long ago, astronomers obtained new data collected by researchers at the famous Kia Laboratory.

Researchers in Russia have used this data to determine the rotational speed of our Milky Way galaxy and to determine the rotational speed of the Sun in this reference frame.

To this end, researchers have selected 9750 OP-class stars that are small and millions of years old, but have large masses because their astronomical “weight” is more than 10 times the mass of the Sun, and these stars are very bright, so they can be seen from a very long distance. Can.

These three characteristics (small age, large mass and brightness) allow us to create a larger structure of the galaxy and its motion, as well as determine the speed of the Sun’s rotational motion relative to the galaxy’s center.

The researchers found that their results were consistent with those of other researchers (232.5 – 243 kilometers per second), but they were based on the latest astronomical data for stars.

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