June 5, 2023

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Russian Defense: Our forces destroyed 975 Ukrainian military facilities and continue to advance on several axes


Russian troops on the border with Ukraine (file photo)

On Sunday morning the Russian military announced that since the start of its special operation in Ukraine, it has destroyed 975 facilities of the Ukrainian military infrastructure and continues its progress on several axes.

Russia’s defense has said it will not attack Ukrainian cities and towns, using long-range and precision-guided missiles with wings from the air and sea, against Ukraine’s military infrastructure. All necessary measures must be taken to protect the lives of the public.

The report points out that the target installations include 23 control points and communications centers for Ukrainian forces, 31 pieces of S-300, Buk M-1 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems and 48 radar stations.

Russian forces shot down 8 Ukrainian warplanes, 7 helicopters, 11 drones and two Tochka-U tactical missiles.

In addition, 223 tanks and other armored war vehicles, 28 military aircraft, 39 multi-rocket missiles, 86 artillery and mortar pieces and 143 special military vehicles were destroyed at its airports.

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Russian security forces say their armed forces in Ukraine have placed complete control over the city of Melidopol.

The previous day, Russian forces had completely cordoned off the cities of Kersen and Berdyansk (southern) and seized control of the city of Genisevsk and the Chernobyvka airport near Kersen.

The report notes that there are ongoing cases in which the Ukrainian military refuses to continue fighting collectively.

Yesterday, Saturday, soldiers of the 302nd Anti-Anti-Missile Regiment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, along with Buck M-1 air defense systems, voluntarily dropped their weapons and surrendered.

Thus, the total number of Ukrainian soldiers who laid down their arms and surrendered from the beginning of the operation reached 471 personnel.

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The report said that the forces of the Lukansk People’s Republic had taken control of several cities in Donbass, and since the beginning of the offensive they had advanced 52 km, while the forces of the Donetsk Republic had advanced. Distance 12 km.

Source: Russian Ministry of Defense