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Ryan Gosling won his role in “Barbie” from other candidates


Three nominees for the role of Ken in Barbie (Daily Mail).

Tuesday 25 July 2023 / 13:01

Actor Ryan Gosling was not the first choice for the role of “Ken”, the friend of the “Barbie” doll, in the mass film currently showing in international cinemas, but dozens of performance tests were conducted.

Gosling: My two daughters helped me break into the world of Barbie and succeed as Ken

In a statement published by the magazine,PeopleAmerican casting director Alison Jones has revealed that stars Bowen Yang, Dan Levy and Ben Platt are among the names close to winning the role in the currently smashing box office.

Great grief and sadness

He explained that the names I mentioned and many big names were upset because they were not chosen to act in the film directed by Greena Groening.
And it wasn’t limited to the character of “Ken”, as the character of “Alan” was his primary candidate, actor Jonathan Crowe, who entered the production stage for a period of time, but the role eventually went to his colleague Michael Cera, which left Crowe upset for losing the role.

A group of big names

After choosing the two main characters for the competition, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosselin, the search began, according to Jones, for other faces of Barbie and Ken, black and Far Eastern.
In fact, stars Scott Evans, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Simo Leo and Nikoti Katova appear in other versions of Ken, while Dua Lipa, Emma McKay, Kari Knopf and many other names appear in second versions of the Barbie doll.
As for the real-world characters, after the Barbie doll is banished from her pink world, it includes the main names: Will Ferrell, America Ferrera, Ariana Greenblatt, Connor Swindells, plus the veteran Helen Mirren, in the role of the off-screen narrator.

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Gosling: I’ve never played with a Barbie in my life

For his part, “People” revealed in a statement to Gosling (42 years old) that he had never played with a Barbie doll in his life, but his two daughters were his main entrance into the world of this doll, while they were worried about his performance of the character “Ken”.
She explained that her two daughters, Esmeralda (age 8) and Amada (age 7), helped prepare Barbie for her most important scenes.

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