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Salem Al-Dosari takes on Neymar’s role…and a “fight” could save Al-Hilal from Jesus’ delusions


Al Hilal club’s weak success due to “the visions of Salem and the mistakes of Jesus”.


After a stumbling start to the current 2023-2024 season, Al Hilal’s first football team, led by its “old” Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus, recently continued its winning streak.

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This Friday evening, Roshan beat Al-Hilal Al-Khaleej Club (1-0) in the tenth round of the Saudi Professional League; It should increase its lead by 26 points.

And this competition; It was the Al Hilal chairman’s first game after confirming his wizard Brazilian Neymar da Silva Jr’s season was over with a cruciate ligament injury.

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During the Gulf conflict, Saudi Arabian international star Salem Al-Dosari played Neymar. Whether on the positive side, through an eye-popping set of technical skills, or on the negative side, by “wasting” too many easy opportunities.

Salem scored a goal in the 75th minute against the Gulf defense. However, the referee refused to count it; After the return to “VAR” video technology; On the pretext of passing the ball, the back row.

And… the Saudi Arabian international star was given the freedom to get the ball from the left wing and penetrate deep. Just like Neymar did in his early days with the football world.

However.. Al-Dosari’s carelessness and recklessness appeared in front of the opposing team’s goal. This was done by wasting more than one chance, which he could have easily scored if he had taken it more seriously.

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Al Hilal only play with 10 stars, Jesus

On the other hand, the rivalry between Al Hilal and Al Khaleez witnessed Jesus’ frequent warning; Neymar’s absence from the blue team in particular has been officially confirmed.

Jesus trusted Brazilian Malcolm de Oliveira in a playmaking position behind Serbian Aleksandar Mitrovic or as a second striker; This led to his complete disappearance, and his consciousness “lost” within the green rectangle.

Malcolm’s primacy is right-wing; However, the “old” Portuguese coach preferred to replace De Oliveira in playmaking, relying on the other Brazilian, Michel Delgado, at this position.

The duality of these two roles made Al Hilal appear in front of the Gulf as if it were playing with only 10 stars; This may cause many problems in the face of strong competitors in the future.

But.. harm can be good; Michael and Jesus had an argument in the final minutes of the Gulf Race. A solution to this technological crisis may be present.

After he was substituted at the last minute, Michael vehemently opposed his coach; This almost led to clashes between them. Had it not been for the intervention of a member of the technical staff.

Despite Jesus’ own assurances that he has a good relationship with Michael, the player is angered by his level in the game; However, the Portuguese “old man” could keep the Brazilian star out of the starting lineup for a while.

At that point, Malcolm could return to his preferred position on the right wing, with Serbian Sergej Milinkovic-Savic moving from anchor to playmaking or second striker.

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With this, Al Hilal Club delivered its best matches in the current season. Millions of fans of this company are hoping that this will happen again and again in the coming time.

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