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“Samsung” has released two “competitor” foldable phones


In the face of stiff competition from Chinese companies, the South Korean business leader in the fast-growing market, Samsung has introduced two upgraded new foldable phones.
The Galaxy ZFold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 offer smoother designs, better water resistance and a more stable screen. For late delivery of the month in the US, Europe and South Korea, you can order a phone from them.
At a time when these two new models are facing stiff competition from Samsung Chinese manufacturers, Xiaomi led the way, which took second place in the market in the second quarter of the year.
The Flip 3, which extends its screen to 6.7 inches, is offered at a starting price of $ 999, compared to the $ 1799 for the “Fold 3” with a 7.6-inch screen.
DM Rowe, head of Samsung’s mobile division, said the company was “re-expanding the capabilities of foldable smartphones, giving users the flexibility and versatility they need in this fast-paced world.”
The purpose of the “Flip 3” is to provide an affordable foldable phone, while the “Fold 3” replaces devices that operate with larger screens and is equipped with a stylus that can be used on the screen.
According to a recent study by Canalis, the Chinese “Xiaomi” ranked Apple second in the global smartphone market, a market plagued by chipset shortages and locking measures affecting consumers.
Global sales of smartphones increased by 12% in this study, and the South Korean “Samsung” leads the market with 19% share.
China’s Xiaomi jumped 83% to second place with a 17% market share for the first time, according to Canalys.
Apple fell to third place, and iPhone sales increased by only 1%.
Fourth and fifth place are held by Chinese companies “OPPO” and “Vivo”, each with about 10% market share.
Smartphone sales are up 11% from a year ago, but are down after the first quarter of the year, amid a shortage of global semiconductors, the research team said.

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