June 3, 2023

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Samsung plans to launch foldable laptop - Mashi - Technology and Mobile News

Samsung plans to launch foldable laptop – Mashi – Technology and Mobile News

A new leak released by popular tech blogger “Ice Universe”, Samsung plans to continue to use its foldable smart screens, but this time on its personal computers.

The leak revealed the name of the next Samsung computer, which is “Galaxy Book Fold 17”, and its screen is expected to be 17 inches, which is similar to what the company revealed during its “SID 2021” conference. Extended reliance on foldable screen technology in its upcoming products.

Lenovo came up with a design similar to the Samsung device expected to enter the market last December, ahead of its “ThinkPad X1 Fold” computer foldable device, only 13.3 inches apart from the screen size of the “Lenovo” device.

The video clip released by the company shows a variety of applications for using a laptop with an extended screen, such as a touch keyboard, the possibility of turning the device into a “tablet” by folding it outward, or using it as a large screen.

The Galaxy Book Fold 17 will have a large continuous OLED display. Also, Samsung also uses screen camera technology under the foldable laptop. In addition, according to the video, the device will have a 180 degree hinge system, which will allow users to place the entire device on a flat surface.

Other than that, there is no information about the internals of the Galaxy Book Fold 17. Also, there is no information yet about its price and availability. However.

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