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Samsung S23 Ultra Phone Specifications and Price, Most Powerful Camera and Best Special Imaging Quality, Unparalleled Capabilities


Samsung is one of the most important and strong competitors in the Egyptian market with mobile phones because it releases unique and unique phones, and among these new phones launched by Samsung in the market is the Samsung S23 Ultra, where this phone is unique. And unique features such as the power of the processor, the internet and the imaging accuracy of the phone’s front and rear camera, and we will explain to you the most important features and most important shortcomings of this phone in this article. It contains

Beast of cameras and photography specs and price of Samsung S23 Ultra, best in the world

Samsung S23 Ultra Features

Many people in many Arab countries who want to buy this phone are wondering about the most important features of Samsung S23 Ultra and here are the most important features in the following points.

  • The phone comes in two versions, an 8GB version and a 12GB version, which guarantees a huge space inside the phone.
  • The device also runs on the latest Android version, which is Android 12.
  • The battery size is up to 5000 mAh, so the phone has a large battery size that can run the phone for a long time.
  • The phone has a large screen size of 6.8 inches which allows the user to watch great videos in high quality.
  • Samsung S23 Ultra helps to run all internet networks from second generation to fifth generation with high efficiency.

Disadvantages of Samsung S23 Ultra

After we familiarized you with the most important features and advantages of this phone in the previous lines, most people are interested to know the shortcomings and problems that some users may have complained about, explained in the following points.

  • One of the most common problems is the high cost of the phone, which can reach up to 30 thousand pounds, and this price is too much for many people.
    There is no earphone in the telephone box.
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