March 25, 2023

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Samsung's leaked Galaxy S22 Ultra is now the Galaxy Note

Samsung’s leaked Galaxy S22 Ultra is now the Galaxy Note

Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, seems to be borrowing more than ever from the DNA of the Galaxy Note. In fact, the newly leaked official rendering Posted by Evan Blass The phone confirms that it is a reference in every way except its name. Wide screen with more writing space? Cheque. Ben Silo? Cheque. Flat top and bottom? Yes. On the back is the camera line sticking closely to the design of the S21 Ultra.

Personally, I think the S21 Ultra is one of the boldest and best looking phones Samsung has ever produced – especially the sleek matte black version. She had a big cam bump that made her beautiful Benefit.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera delivers a unique twist on the pump.
Vigeran Pavik / The Verge

I’m glad Samsung’s got space for sensors to fit on the back of the device, and there’s definitely something a little more subtle in this design. Looks like the Note 10 Plus or Note 20 Ultra with the updated camera system, but this is exactly what some Samsung fans want. Real shots of the world from the S22 Ultra Recently leaked, again, it looks beautiful in black.

Anything that helps boost sales of the company’s traditional phones may be the right move. Happy company Talk about folding speedHowever, the S21 line retail performance is said to be disappointing.

Based on past history, the Samsung S22 family should be announced in February.