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Saqr Ghobash: Cooperation among nations promotes green technology


Beijing (Union)
Federal National Council Speaker His Excellency Chakhar Kobash visited the headquarters of Chinese global communications and advanced technology giant Huawei in the capital Beijing as part of his official visit to the People’s Republic of China. , in response to an invitation from the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China. .
His Excellency and the accompanying delegation were welcomed by Liang Hua, Chairman of Huawei. He explained in detail the Chinese experience in advanced technology and modern industry to His Excellency Sagar Kobash and the accompanying Council delegation. Huawei’s role in manufacturing devices that rely on the latest advanced technology also reviewed the latest technological developments globally in the field of communication and information technology.
Honorable Dr. Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Dr. Tariq Humaid Al Thayer, Osama Ahmed Al Shafar, Aisha Reda Al Bairak, Sumaya Hareb Al Suwadi, Afra Bakhit Al Alili, Federal National Council Members, and Dr. Umar are included in the Council Committee. Secretary General of the Council Al Nuaimi and Secretary Afra Rashid Al Basti, Assistant General for Parliamentary Communications and Assistant Secretary General for Council Presidency Affairs Tariq Ahmad Al Marzooqi.
His Excellency Sakar Kobash highlighted the important role of IT sector in the progress of mankind, Artificial Intelligence techniques and its applications in existing and future industries and projects. A vision of wise leadership that aims to harness modern science and technology and the hopeful energy of the people in accordance with solid foundations and thought plans to shape a better future for future generations emphasizes that it is important for countries and the private sector. Collaborate to ensure technology is accessible to all.
It can bring the world together to promote green technology and fight climate change.

The UAE will host the COP28 summit next December, he said, stressing that the private sector, especially international giant Huawei, has a key role to play in reaching practical solutions to reduce or mitigate the effects of climate change in general. Countries are transitioning to clean and renewable energy.
He reviewed the collaboration between various public and private companies in the UAE and Dubai-headquartered Huawei in the Middle East and North Africa region. Its work and development in the fields of communication, technology and research.
He appreciated the presence of the UAE as a witness; Thanks to the vision of its brilliant leadership, the dynamism of its government and the talent of its people, it has made progress in various fields, and thanks to its passion to provide modern, innovative and everything to the field of science and technology. A creative nature as part of its attempt to fulfill its civilizing mission.
He said there is great cooperation between Huawei and many universities in the UAE to exchange visits and experiences and exchange knowledge in the field of scientific research and innovation. Department of Artificial Intelligence.
He pointed out that Huawei considers the UAE’s importance in achieving the company’s technological policies in the UAE, especially in providing comprehensive solutions that contribute to building the world’s strongest interconnected network. Not only is it a key market for the company, but the country’s position is one of Huawei’s most important operational hubs globally.

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