March 31, 2023

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Satellites reveal new Russian deployments along Ukraine's borders

Satellites reveal new Russian deployments along Ukraine’s borders

Washington – AFP
On Sunday, the US company “Maxer” confirmed that satellite images showed the new position of Russian forces and military equipment on the border with Ukraine.
The U.S. satellite imagery company Maxar said in an email that the images show “deployments of many new armored equipment and troops” emerging from military positions in the woods and fields about 14 to 30 kilometers from the Russian-Ukrainian border.
These new pictures, taken on Sunday, show vehicles moving through snow-covered fields surrounded by forests and roads. Many buildings can be found.
According to the Colorado-based company, analysis of Sunday photos and other photos taken on February 13 indicates troops and equipment moving near three locations in southwestern Russia.
“Most of the combat units and support equipment in Soloti have been evacuated, and a number of vehicle tracks and convoys of multiple armored equipment can be found throughout the area,” McCurry said.
“Some equipment is parked in a field about 15 kilometers north of the Ukrainian border, east of the Russian city of Valuki,” it added.
The U.S. agency added, “On the other hand, several new deployments have been found on the northwestern ground of Belgorod, about 30 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, with large numbers of equipment and troops stationed in or near the forest.” Other units are “employed.” In agricultural and industrial areas.
On Friday, a Pentagon official announced that more than 40% of Russian troops concentrated on Ukraine’s border had taken an offensive position, and that the Russian-led state of instability in the country had “begun.”
The official said the United States had been monitoring the movement of Russian troops toward the Ukrainian border since Wednesday.
Washington has been warning for weeks that Russia will fabricate an incident to justify its invasion of its neighbor on the Ukrainian border, which Moscow denies.
On Sunday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reiterated that “everything” indicates that Russia is “close” to invading Ukraine.

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